René Mogensen composer, musician, producer, researcher, educator

Recent CD and online release:
The New Arpeggione: WallNicolas Deletailles of Nicosia

Alain Roudierfeaturing

 Nicolas Deletaille (arpeggione)

and Alain Roudier (fortepiano)
The New Arpeggione: Walls of Nicosia is the premiere recording of three new works for the arpeggione, together with a fortepiano of the 1820s and cutting edge computer music.
Contréclisse CEX2012CD

the CD is available from web sites including:,,,
Download version available from iTunesShopToDownload, DSB, BibZoom, Tónlist, and other services...

The New Arpeggione cover

René Mogensen: I am a composer, musician, producer, researcher and educator; specialized in music and sound for concerts and other staged productions.

contact e-mail: Rene.Mogensen (at)

Upcoming CD release 2015 on CDKlassisk (Denmark) featuring trombone soloist Niels-Ole Bo Johansen includes the premiere recording of my work Views from Plato's Cave, for trombone and computer.

Another recording project currently in progress is an album of improvisations with Esther Lamneck, Eugenio Sanna and Eduardo Ricci, more news on this when available...

Rene in Gent, BelgiumFor a few audio samples of past works go to these pages:
Multimedia chamber music: Myspace-chamber music
Improvisation and jazz: Myspace-Jazz&improv
Various works: ReverbNation
Various works: SoundCloud
Organ and Computer project: Myspace-Bits&Pipes

Some scores of
Salamis Dances, Autumn Liszt and other chamber music works are available from
Some current academic work:
Article in Early Music (Oxford Journals) Nov. 2014 issue:
'The arpeggione and fortepiano of the 1820s
in the context of current computer music'

Recent paper presentations include EuroMac2014 in Leuvain, Belgium,
and EMS14 in Berlin, Germany
Info about the Performing with Technology class which René teaches at Birmingham Conservatoire, UK.
Educational Materials (Harmony Templates for AbletonLive) from
the 2013 project at TEE, Birmingham City University, UK.
  René's academic profile at the Birmingham Conservatoire, UK.

Selected recent concerts:
Dec. 14, 2014, Copenhagen: United Notions sax quartet and percussionist Marilyn Mazur perform my new work U do Dat
Oct. 28 & 29, 2014, Birmingham and London: Niels-Ole Bo Johansen and Chris Houlding perform my new work Chasing the sounds of windmills for two trombones and computer

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